Rosario Rodriguez

Rosario Rodriguez, age 44, of Hermitage, TN passed away Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018.

She was born in Maravatio, Mexico to Nazario and Ana Maria Abad. Rosario was a homemaker to her family and was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Rosario is survived by her husband of 16 years, Gabriel Rodriguez; four children, Daniel, Benjamin, Abraham, and Anna Gabriella; parents, Nazario and Ana Maria Abad; brothers and sisters, Miguel, Jose Fransisco, Nazario, Juana, and Maria Guadalupe; and several aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Visitation with the family will be Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 from 3 until 5 p.m. at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 at 5 p.m. at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna. Burial will take place on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018 at 4 p.m. at Mapleview Cemetery.

An online guestbook is available for the family at Woodfin Chapel, Smyrna (615) 459-3254

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Donovan Salvato looking for 170-pound gold at Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 3

Mixed martial arts promoter Johnathan Ivey said it was a “no brainer” having Hendersonville’s Donovan Salvato fight for the promotion’s inaugural welterweight title when his organization returns to the Mid-TN Expo Center in Murfreesboro on Feb. 10. Salvato picked up an impressive debut victory at the last Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships event and this time around he will face fellow Tennessean Steve Stover for the 170-pound belt. Pro MMA Now caught up with Donovan before he makes his return to the cage.

Thanks for talking with us Donovan. How’s training going for your upcoming title fight on Feb. 10?

Training has been great! I’ve learned a lot about myself and the sport of mixed martial arts.

How do you feel about the change in opponents and what is your scouting report on Steve Stover?

At first I was aggravated because I had been game planning and visualizing my first opponent. After a good night sleep it was back to business. He (Stover) hasn’t fought in a while so the film I’ve seen is out dated. But bad habits are hard to fix so I’m going to try and capitalize on his mistakes.

How do you visualize the fight playing out?

I think it will be a tough test but I will weather the storm and come out with the belt.

You picked up your first amateur win at the last Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships show, what was that feeling like?

It was a glorious! All eyes were on me and everyone was cheering, but short lived. It was only my first win and I got right back to training for this fight.

What would a title win in this fight mean to you?

It gives me the opportunity and exposure to fight other champions and tougher opponents.

Where have you been training and who is helping you prepare for this one?

I’ve been training with two gyms this camp. Cory Robison with Phoenix MMA in Hermitage and Sean Patton, Logan Nash and Jaysen Baker at the UFC Gym Hendersonville.

What are your ultimate goals in the sport?

To get wins against quality opponents and make money. If I’m getting the first two, championships and titles will follow.

What is life like for you outside of fighting?

For the most part, (if I’m not sleeping) hanging out with my dog, making noise on my guitar or playing video games. If I’ve got enough energy or time I’ll see family and friends.

Thank you for your time Donovan, any shoutouts or final words?

Thank you Pro MMA Now for reaching out to me. Thank you everyone who wants to see me succeed and who is coming out to the fights. Shout out to “Music City Health Center” in Hendersonville for keeping my body in alignment and to my barber Dion at, “Dion’s Barber Shop” in Hendersonville for the fresh fight cut.

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Why You Should Pay Attention To Hermitage TN News

A lot of people only follow major news stories. They ignore the stories that happen closer to home. If you’re in the Hermitage area, then you need to be following Hermitage TN news. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore local news:

These Stories Can Impact Your Day-To-Day Life

The news stories you read about could wind up having a direct impact on your life. These stories will shape the town that you reside in. You need to make sure you’re aware of what is going on in Hermitage. If you pay attention to the news, you’ll know what the future holds for this town.

Reading Local News Can Bring You Closer To Your Community

You should try to forge strong relationships with the people that live and work around you. When you read local news stories, you’ll be able to learn new things about your neighbors. You will be able to keep up with community events. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for your community. You might also find events that you can participate in. Reading the news is a great way to get involved.

Following The Local News Is Easy

If you think that following Hermitage news is too much of a hassle, think again. It’s extremely easy to keep an eye on news stories. There are so many simple ways for you to read the news. You don’t even need a newspaper subscription! There’s no excuse not to read local news.

It’s important to pay attention to what’s going on in Hermitage. If you’re not reading the local news, you should be. Get into the habit of checking local newspapers. Once you start following Hermitage TN news, you won’t want to stop. You’ll appreciate all of the information and insight that the news can provide.

Loosen Your Belt And Enjoy A Meal At One Of These Knoxville TN Restaurants

Knoxville Tennessee is quite a big city, for the state especially, and it welcomes new college students, relocated professionals and other visitors every year. Are you vacationing in Knoxville, there on business, or just looking up information on the city? If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Knoxville for whatever reason, make sure you take a minute to enjoy some fine food at one of these top Knoxville TN restaurants.

Tomato Head is a great pizza spot in Knoxville, and they also serve up menu items like tofu and hummus. Unique pizza eateries are always fun. Who wants to get their pizza from the same chain stores when on vacation. Live a little while in Knoxville and get your pizza, breadsticks, salad and more at Tomato Head. They also have great sandwiches if you’re stopping in for lunch and don’t want to order a whole pizza.

Next up is Calhoun’s on the River on Neyland Drive. This restaurant has delicious menu items like pulled pork, ribs, corn pudding, prime rib and more according to the reviews. As the name suggests, Calhoun’s on the Water puts you well, on the water. It’s a great spot to eat and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Knoxville TN currently has 901 restaurants, so there are some great picks so far. The next featured restaurant is Tupelo Honey Cafe, located in Market Square. Can you guess what you might get to eat there? How does biscuits and blueberry jam sound? What about fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits? This isn’t just Tennessee down home cooking but with a Tupelo Mississippi twist.

There is an old fashioned feel to that last selection, too. What’s up next? Aubrey’s Restaurant on Rockvale Lane also serves up downhome cooking just has its own unique charm and menu. There you will find great chicken, soups, salads, fries and more according to reviewers.

I always like to leave you with a few extra bonus picks at least. Not every restaurant is going to fit a person’s palate so here are three replacements. There is Balter Beerworks, The Chop House and The Brown Bag, all three top rated restaurants. Wait until you see all of the attraction you will be visiting while vacationing there, too. You will have tons of fun in Knoxville, Tennessee, and next time pick another new city in the Volunteer State for your travels.

How To Take Amazing Photographs At The Tennessee Aquarium

Located in Chattanooga, the Tennessee Aquarium is one of the most popular aquariums in the United States. It is no wonder, either. All you have to do is look at the wide range of creatures and habitats that are on display to see why so many people are drawn to this beautiful aquarium each and every year.

If you are planning on visiting the aquarium, you definitely need to bring your camera along with you. There are countless photo opportunities available. In fact, as you walk through the exhibits, you may find yourself stopping every few feet to snap another photo.

Taking photographs at an aquarium can be particularly challenging. There are some unique lighting situations that can cause your photos to come out blurry or to have exposure problems. Learning how to deal with these issues in advance can help ensure that you get some amazing photographs on your trip.

The most challenging part of taking photos at an aquarium is that there are a lot of reflections in the glass. If you just hold your camera up and snap a photo, you will most likely wind up with a photograph of your reflection. The best way to avoid this is by using a lens hood on your camera. Simply put the lens hood on your camera and then hold your camera up directly next to the glass. This will keep any reflections from showing, allowing you to clearly photograph the animals inside the tank.

Taking photos with a flash at an aquarium is a surefire way to ruin your photos. Not only is the glass at the aquarium reflective, but the fish are as well. The light from the flash will bounce off of everything that you are trying to photograph, causing major problems with your photos.

Instead, use the ISO setting on your camera to adjust for low-light situations. If necessary, you may also want to bring along a small, portable monopod that you can use to steady your camera while you snap the photo. This will help keep it from getting blurry despite the longer exposure time.

The Tennessee aquarium offers plenty of opportunities to take incredible photographs. You can improve the quality of your photos by using a lens hood and by avoiding turning on your flash at all costs. By reducing reflections with the lens hood and adjusting the ISO setting on your camera to account for the dim lighting, you should be able to snap some amazing pictures.

Finding the best rental properties in Dallas

As you want to simplify the process of finding apartments in Dallas, you can follow certain ideas to make it possible. The good news is that you can put the whole apartment hunting process in the hands of a trained professional. This way you can eliminate stress and problems in your life that most people encounter when trying to find an apartment. With a Dallas apartment locator at your disposal, you can save time and can significantly increase the speed of finding the best apartments in Dallas. The problem is that most apartment hunters do not know how to use a Dallas apartment locator. The first thing they do is to waste time and energy traveling all around Dallas to find the best place to live in. They have to visit one place after another without knowing the amenities and other facilities that are accessible together with the building. They do walks and eventually lose their time finding places that do not meet their specific criteria. That’s why this kind of method should not be used when searching for a Dallas apartment.

The first thing you should do to simplify the renting process is to sit down and make a list of things you want while renting a new apartment. The following items should be considered: the number of rooms you want, the amenities you want to have and additional service charges that are not included in the Dallas rentals price. In addition to these, it is always better to sort down your budget for this venture and if you want to live with your pet, then you have to add that in the list. Once you have acquired this information, you should perform a basic online search for the best apartments in the area that meets these criteria. A virtual apartment finder will help you to sort these things in a practical manner and help you find the best apartments available for rent.

With the help of an apartment locator, you will be able to enter this crucial information and be able to determine that the apartments are available according to your specific criteria. Another idea to get better living in Dallas option is to look at rental unit management teams who have homes and apartments in your area of interest. You can contact these companies through their websites or by telephone. You can provide your search criteria and they can work with you to determine which properties can manage to meet your specific needs. These types of services are very effective and have helped countless people find the perfect apartment in Dallas.

There are several reputed companies that offer this service. These companies are popular among people who look for apartments for rent in Dallas. They have already helped thousands of people in the city in combining them with the perfect apartment. They pride themselves on delivering excellent quality service for the money. Their goal is to provide tenants with much better and more professional service for their investment. If you want to find apartments in Dallas quickly, then choose the best apartment locator online. This will really cut down the cost of living in Dallas.

What is a Dallas apartment locator

A Dallas apartment locator is a website that offers individuals an easier way to find a place to live. You can narrow down the cost of living dallas options by filtering the search using amenities or by the rental amount that you wish to pay for the stay. Looking for an apartment in a big city like Dallas can be overwhelming. You may be uncertain on how to begin. There are some tips and things to consider before you start looking, and some of them can help you get the best apartments that are available in a particular area.

When it comes to living in Dallas, consider the area you want to live. Most people prefer to choose a place very close to their work or school. Some others want to live in a place very close to their friends and family. You may also want to stay very close to facilities such as grocery, petrol station, and nightclubs. Adventure minded people would love to have amenities such as a gym, tennis or swimming pool very close to their apartment. Other things to consider are a free parking space that is assigned only for people who live in the apartments. Above all, people look for safety facilities to make their life running pleasantly. These are just some of the factors you need to consider before beginning the search.

After finding answers to these factors, you can start searching for apartments in Dallas. A professional apartment finder will help you to search with these factors as well as help you add the number of rooms and bathrooms you prefer in an apartment. You may be asked if you prefer apartment buildings, or townhomes or duplexes to be included in the search results. The owner can include various other facilities such as a basement or a common room to modify his or her search results. An apartment like this can be less expensive than renting an entire apartment building, but usually will not have the extra comforts too. The Dallas apartment locator will give you a list of apartments that meet the general guidelines. You can browse the list and eliminate anyone that is not up to your expectations. For example, you may want a furnished apartment instead of unfurnished, or you may need one that accepts pets. If you refine your search according to your needs, then you will save lots of money in terms of visiting the apartments one by one.

When the time comes to visit Dallas rentals of your choice, you may have to follow certain guidelines and consider some factors. See if utilities are included in the rental cost. In some cases, all utilities are included, bust in some apartments the owner do not include any of these utility bills in the rental price. Inquire about parking. Most apartments have a parking lot, but only a few of them offer street parking. Ask about how much is the security deposit. Normally, people sign the contract on an annual basis, but some apartments may have a two-year contract while others are just for six months.

Use the services of a Dallas apartment locator

If you are looking for a Dallas rental unit, you will find several options of choice in the state of Texas. It is not at all an easy task to move to a new place. You have to consider several factors before you make a move. The most important factor is the budget. If you are managing a constrained budget, then you need to start looking for apartments in Dallas in appropriate areas. There are several ways you can look for the type of apartments and location. You can contact a real estate agent or look in the newspapers to pick a couple of them. The best option, however, is to look online and find a Dallas apartment locator.

Most of us are concerned about the cost of living Dallas when looking for a place to rent. However, it is advisable to spend some time studying various options and weighing the pros and cons before deciding or finalizing a deal. If you are a student, you want to consider a place being very close to the college or university, for several reasons. This way you can save time and expense. You can look for a rental studio or loft for your accommodation. For people with children, it is advisable to rent a place very close to good schools. In addition, it is always better to find a place very close to access special facilities for your children, say, for example, playing ground.

Living in Dallas alone is an outstanding experience. People who live alone may need to check out the nightlife in the area. If there are good restaurants, cinemas and shopping centers nearby, this could be an additional attraction. It is important to check the background of the apartment owner as well as the person who manages the rental property. Most of the time, employees are only interested in collecting money and do not mind people who rent apartments. This will make your life really stressful. You should verify from trusted sources that the rental management group takes care of repair works, manage heating system, sewerage, and electricity. They must provide 24 hours emergency services, as well as security to ensure that you will not have problems when you stay in Dallas apartment.

Once you’ve done checking out the location and Dallas rentals, make sure that the common rooms are also available. Find out if there is a laundry room, or if you can install a washer and dryer in the apartment. Most owners will charge a security deposit before you shift to the new apartment. Make sure you are aware of that and have the money in hand. If you make a list before you start looking for a rental apartment, you will be able to decide on the desired type and location. After that, you can obtain a Dallas apartment locator to help identify which is the most suitable one. This will help you avoid mistakes and choose the best place to live. Remember that if you make a deposit and quit the apartment before the agreed time, you will lose all your money.

Ideas for finding an apartment for rent in Dallas

If you are looking for Dallas rentals, you probably may have a vague idea of what exactly you are searching for. Lots of people enter to this process with a single set of priorities and how you optimize your requirements will help you determine on the best rental units. There are people who look for a good number of resources with their apartments and a perfect location in Dallas. At the same time, people who are on a tight budget look for the best place that bang their buck. One thing is for sure that you will get what you are looking for.

The apartment owners use various types of resources to filter when publishing vacancy advertisements. As an apartment owner, you may need to use several techniques to find clients who prefer to live in that area. In order to identify it fast, lots of people just place sign boards on their property to advertise the vacancy. This is not only an excellent strategy for owners, but also for prospective tenants who are searching for an apartment in that perfect location. In case, you are looking for apartments in Dallas, it is a perfect idea to start your search on foot, to locate what is out there. There are several neighborhoods in Dallas that are full of apartments for rent, while others only have exclusive properties to rent. If you are concerned about location, glancing in this area can be the perfect bet. If you think that you are very far away from the location, search for a local publication online to find apartments for rent so you can quickly sort through number of spaces.

Cost of living Dallas is mostly decided upon the facilities a rental unit offers. There are people who need a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms or other particular requirements. However, it is also easy to find those kinds of places. Nevertheless, it is pretty much difficult to get a clear idea of what a property has to offer from the newspaper ads. If you have seen a property listed in a specific location, consider driving around the property to evaluate whether or not it is a good business. When deciding on an apartment for rent, you should inspect the property by scheduling a visit. This way you can ask specific questions including the history of the building.

The owner will offer you a free guided tour around the building and will introduce you all the amenities available in that location. Nevertheless, it will be up to you to make sure no hidden problems are out there to notify. Some of the older properties may have sewer and water problems. The others are not well maintained and hard to keep a comfortable temperature. Living in Dallas will be more enjoyable if you visit the location and the property multiple times of a day can help you identify several other issues. If you are lucky you will get the perfect building of your dream. Do not forget to check local newspapers and other real estate ads to choose a property that suits your needs.