Loosen Your Belt And Enjoy A Meal At One Of These Knoxville TN Restaurants

Knoxville Tennessee is quite a big city, for the state especially, and it welcomes new college students, relocated professionals and other visitors every year. Are you vacationing in Knoxville, there on business, or just looking up information on the city? If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Knoxville for whatever reason, make sure you take a minute to enjoy some fine food at one of these top Knoxville TN restaurants.

Tomato Head is a great pizza spot in Knoxville, and they also serve up menu items like tofu and hummus. Unique pizza eateries are always fun. Who wants to get their pizza from the same chain stores when on vacation. Live a little while in Knoxville and get your pizza, breadsticks, salad and more at Tomato Head. They also have great sandwiches if you’re stopping in for lunch and don’t want to order a whole pizza.

Next up is Calhoun’s on the River on Neyland Drive. This restaurant has delicious menu items like pulled pork, ribs, corn pudding, prime rib and more according to the reviews. As the name suggests, Calhoun’s on the Water puts you well, on the water. It’s a great spot to eat and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Knoxville TN currently has 901 restaurants, so there are some great picks so far. The next featured restaurant is Tupelo Honey Cafe, located in Market Square. Can you guess what you might get to eat there? How does biscuits and blueberry jam sound? What about fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits? This isn’t just Tennessee down home cooking but with a Tupelo Mississippi twist.

There is an old fashioned feel to that last selection, too. What’s up next? Aubrey’s Restaurant on Rockvale Lane also serves up downhome cooking just has its own unique charm and menu. There you will find great chicken, soups, salads, fries and more according to reviewers.

I always like to leave you with a few extra bonus picks at least. Not every restaurant is going to fit a person’s palate so here are three replacements. There is Balter Beerworks, The Chop House and The Brown Bag, all three top rated restaurants. Wait until you see all of the attraction you will be visiting while vacationing there, too. You will have tons of fun in Knoxville, Tennessee, and next time pick another new city in the Volunteer State for your travels.

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